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Provide senior loan and project financings to state-licensed operators in the cannabis industry, secured by real estate and/or other assets of the borrowers to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations governing such borrowers. With hands-on experience in the state-permitted cannabis sectors as well as in the real estate and mortgage sectors, our senior executives understand the numerous challenges cannabis operators and property owners who lease to cannabis operators face when seeking real estate or project financings. We expect this limited access to the mainstream banking and non-bank financing industry to continue for the foreseeable future.
2Primary Aim
Relative to cannabis-related financing, our aim is to target cannabis operators and property owners that have demonstrated track records of success in the cannabis sector and that have what we believe are solid businesses and project plans that meet our underwriting guidelines. We believe cannabis-related companies will continue to experience difficulties obtaining financing from other traditional sources, creating an opportunity for our Company. Additionally, as more geographic markets open for recreational and medical cannabis usage, we believe demand for innovative financing offerings for cannabis market participants will continue to expand.
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